Snuggle Time

love“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”
– Jean Shinoda Bolen

Lying on the couch after a long exhausting day, Hunter climbs up and curls next me. I wrap my arms around giving him a big, giant hug. Like my living heating blanket, Hunter makes me feel warm, comfortable and secure. Stress, worries and anxieties slowly melt away as peace and rest finally sets in. I feel Hunter’s love pouring into my heart filling me with light and joy as his sweet energy soothes my soul. I gently squeeze his squishy little body giving him as much love as I possibly can. Then, Hunter turns around gifting me a beautiful smile and says,” I love you, Mommy.”

Snuggle time. It’s our sacred bedtime ritual. And, according to Hunter, snuggle time is a must or bust. No excuses allowed. With Hunter growing up fast, I am a willing participant savoring every precious moment of snuggle time.

Our sacred snuggle time is simple and sweet — nothing fancy or extravagant. Just being together in each other’s presence is all that’s required. The comfort of my hug and undivided attention makes us feel loved, special and connected.

Image what life would be like if we gave our lives a little snuggle time? What would it feel like if we embraced ourselves with love and tenderness instead of being harsh and critical? We all want love and joy but in order to have those things, we need to invite them with open arms.

Daily we deplete our energy fulfilling obligations and meeting demands so it’s important to be gentle with ourselves. Always on the go and moving fast, it’s vital for our well being to slow down giving ourselves some attention. By creating a sacred space, we become more positive and accepting of ourselves.

Our lives are like a children in need of constant love, nurturing and attention to help us grow, develop and evolve. Watering the dryness inside with time and devotion is essential for feeding our roots making us strong, vibrant and alive.

Find a moment in your day to give yourself a little snuggle time. Create this sacred space to love your life unconditionally and all who you are. Give your soul a chance to spend time with your heart holding it gently inside. Not too tight, not too loose. Just enough to let go of the stress and the striving and simply just be. Sit within this warm embrace living in the golden moment of silence for inner peace.

When you snuggle with your life, everything changes. You experience things fully enjoying the miracles of life enfolding before you. You begin to see the extraordinary within the ordinary exposing the beautiful mosaic of your true self.

Start your snuggle time with something that’s simple and meaningful. Here are some suggestions:
• Prayer
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Reading a good book
• Painting, drawing or writing
• Walking in nature
• Drinking tea or hot chocolate with mindfulness
• Taking a warm bath with candles and aromatherapy

Snuggle time can exist within every moment, the good and the bad. But first, begin with something you love adding on moments as you go. Eventually, you’ll embrace everything including your past hurts, challenges, disappointments, things you pushed away, and difficult situations. All of life will become one big, snuggle time.

Right now your life is beckoning for your unconditional love and attention. When you create sacredness in your heart with what matters, you connect deeper to God and humanity filling the dark corners with warm sunshine and pure joy.

Start your snuggle time today giving yourself the biggest hug you can muster hugging every ounce of your being. Let your love penetrate into your body seeping deep into your bones. Gently squeeze your squishy soul filling yourself with warmth and light. Then, turn towards your heart gifting yourself a beautiful smile and say, “I love you.”


7 thoughts on “Snuggle Time

  1. Thanks for this. After my mom died, I would sometimes caress one of my hands with the other. It made me feel like my mom was right there comforting me. I still do this from time to time. (My “snuggle time” today was eating a few too many Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patties. Does that count?)


    1. That’s lovely about caressing your hands making you feel like she’s with you. But I’m sure she really is right there. I will let the cookies pass as snuggle time as long as they’re yummy!


  2. Again & again, you nail it!
    First off, I was a tad jealous, as my 49-year old isn’t close enough for a regular “snuggle time,” and I miss it!
    For years, a personal “snuggle time” was at the end of each day, when I’d write in my Gratitude Journal a few items of the day that I was grateful to God for. Recently, I have gotten away from that habit. It is definitely time to begin doing it again! Thanks for the reminder.

    Snuggle Time with God … Think that’s what I’ll call the new journal.


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