My Mind is Going Freakin’ Crazy! Simplicity is Needed Now!


I have to do this! I have to do that! What am I going to do next? What do I have to do tomorrow? What is due tomorrow? And so on and so on and so on. The relentless things to do list runs through my head like a runaway freight train with no end in sight. It makes my already frizzy hair even frizzier like a crazed woman.

With unlimited commitments, working multiple jobs, keeping up with the housework, driving kids around, all the various expectations and duties, our lives are too complicated. When you have a family, this comes with the territory. But many times, we add extra stress and anxiety unto ourselves.

I fall into the trap of getting involved in too many things because I want to help, and I’m sucker for wanting to learn more. I am fascinated by the world wanting to sink my teeth into everything. But, there’s not enough time to do everything. As a result, I overcommit adding more things to my list making my head bursting into an epic explosion.

A lot of you do the exact same thing. It’s easy to get caught up by signing up for more than what you can chew. Not only is this unhealthy, but it decreases productivity, focus, energy and efficiency. Spreading yourself too thin and trying to be great at everything leads to average results. You are better off doing less performing great at a couple things than doing more performing average at a bunch of things.

What if you decided to give your mind a rest and do less? How would it make you feel? Imagine it for a moment. Does it make you feel peaceful, calm and relaxed? If yes, then it’s time to stop, reevaluate what matters most and commit to less.

Today or tonight, take a few minutes and make a list. Write your extra commitments and hobbies you are involved in. Rate the items from highest to the lowest. Take into consideration how much time is needed for each. Be realistic and honest with what makes sense for your life right now. Slash and burn anything that’s not a good fit. Be ruthless! When the time is right, go back to it later. Focus on what’s more aligned with your soul bringing you to a higher vibration.

Don’t worry if focusing on a couple things leads to a lesser life. A simpler life committed to a couple things that truly matter leads to a fuller life. Be courageous and stick to your guns. Stand by your choices and only those. Will others be upset if they want more from you? Maybe. But if they do, they will get over it. Be strong but gracious if you have to tell someone no. It doesn’t mean you don’t care or you don’t want to. It means you are putting your health and family first which is acceptable and appropriate.

Right now. Stop. Take a step back. Look around. Look at your life. See what matters most. Get rid of the rest like a ruthless warrior. Take your power back and regain your center.

We are crying for help. We are crying for simplicity. Our minds need it, our bodies crave it and our souls are begging for it. Simplicity is needed for all of us. Right now.




5 thoughts on “My Mind is Going Freakin’ Crazy! Simplicity is Needed Now!

  1. Yep, I hit my wall a couple of months ago. Have told a few (those in “need to know” area) to expect me to step down in 2017. I’ll “muddle through” for the rest of this commitment season, but then, hopefully, I will have actually LEARNED to say NO, but THANKS ANYWAY!


  2. Thanks for this great article. “No” is hard when people, especially if you care about them, are really hoping for a “yes.” But you’re right – sometimes we simply have to put “me” first.


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