Turn Pain Into Power

Not one of us escapes pain living in this world. Experiencing trauma, pain, disappointment, and loss is a part of being human. It’s inevitable.

When you’re in swirling in chaos and being swallowed by darkness, it’s hard to understand you will get through to the other side. It seems too impossible to comprehend or believe one day your pain will go away and happiness will appear.

But no matter difficult things are, you always have a choice. This pain you are experiencing is bringing you to a crossroad.

You can take the road to the left and walk the path of resentment, self-destruction, and victimization.

Or you can take the road to the right and walk the path of healing, empowerment, and transformation.

The choice is yours.

I admit, it’s easier said than done. This will be the hardest decision you’ll ever make. It’s easy, at first, to fall into victimization. But over time, it creates more hardship and pain. It’s harder, at first, to use this opportunity to grow. But over time, it creates power and freedom.

The best way of cracking through the hard layers surrounding your heart and to allow the light to shine through, is through your deepest pain and suffering. The difficult times you endure forces you to reach deep inside and discover who you really are.

The fierce grasp of agony rips off the mask you wear revealing your true self underneath. When in pain, you can’t escape your truth. Your soul is revealed, your spirit is tested, and the rawness of your being become exposed.

This is a gift your pain gives. You become more powerful when you know yourself and realize the fortitude you possess to persevere. Once you get a glimpse of your capabilities and strengths, there’s no turning back to what life once was. You move forward towards deep transformation and living your life filled with purpose and meaning.

To turn your pain into power and grow from difficult experiences, try these things I have tried. Hopefully they will help you on your journey.

  1. Feel Your Emotions: To heal from the pain, you must feel the agony and meet the darkness head on. The only way out is through. There are no shortcuts or detours. Investigate every hurt, disappointment, regret, and loss to get to the core. When you allow yourself to feel everything, the emotions will dissipate over time setting you free.
  2. Learn and Change: View your difficult experience as if you are watching a movie to see the life lesson you are learning. When you perceive this as a lesson, it gives you an opportunity to change and grow in a better person than you were before your experience. When you look for ways to change, you are no longer a victim but a person of power and strength. Your pain now becomes a true catalyst for transformation and spiritual development.
  3. Give Yourself God: At the end of the day, you are not in control. Only God is. By surrendering yourself to Him, you are trusting God will guide through your darkest days. He is the one who knows what is beyond your struggles and has your back every step you take towards the light. Knowing He has your life in your hands, you will have the peace that surpasses all understanding. God will never wastes your hurt. He will use it to transform your life and help you grow in ways you never could imagine.

Whatever trials you are facing or difficult situations you are experiencing, you can turn your pain into power. Look deep inside and confront the hurts burning inside your heart to open and reveal the truth of who you are. Be courageous and strong. Use this pain to ignite your inner evolution and free the power of your soul within.

Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash


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