Less Violence, More Love

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“At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

I go on the internet and what do I see? News and more news on extreme violence terrorizing innocent people. Twelve officers shot, five killed by snipers during a protest march in Dallas. Over 50 people massacred at a gay night club in Orlando. A truck driver killed over 84 bystanders during Bastille Days in Paris.

The list goes on with violent tragedies occurring in our towns, our country and throughout the world. It’s a scary place growing scarier every day as the hate and anger continues to rise.

How do we respond to the injustice of violence creating devastating amounts of pain? How can we deal with these tragedies with the highest good?

Compassion. The only true cure for violence.

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Trimming the Bushes

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“By changing nothing, nothing changes.”
– Tony Robbins

I hate my bushes. They are wild, ugly and unruly. I’m embarrassed when someone walks by or drives into the driveway looking at my downright, no good, ugly bushes.

But, I am stuck with my ugly bushes for now. Since I’m living on my own with my son, paying for my mortgage is more of priority than expensive new bushes.

So I decided to make the best of my ugly bushes. I borrowed my mother’s trimmers and gardening gloves and got right to work. All afternoon I snipped off the frayed ends and rusted branches. Behind the ugly bushes, I cleared away the tall weeds growing into small trees. With a bent rake, I pulled out underneath the dead leaves and trimmings allowing fresh air and light to enter once again.

After hours of hard work in the simmering sun, it was time to clean up and close shop for the day. I took a few steps back and looked at my ugly bushes. And you know what? They weren’t so ugly anymore. In fact, they looked pretty darn good. Maybe not the beautifully manicured bushes I desired, but definitely a remarkable improvement. With a wave of excitement, my soul filled with joy knowing I transformed my ugly bushes into something I was proud of.

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