Motherhood is God’s Greatest Gift

mothersday“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”
– Robert Browning

Three mothers. All of us over the age of 40 built from a tub full of life’s experiences. We’ve all been there, done that and seen that. On road trip to a friend’s baby shower, Krazy stories of love, loss, trials and tribulations gave way to an exciting drive filled with laughter, joy, sorrow, and encouragement. But even though our stories were Krazy, within our discussions the underlying theme involved the beauty and challenges of being a mother. Not enough words could express much love and commitment we have for our children. Unanimously, we all agreed being a mother is God’s greatest gift of all.

Motherhood is an emotional roller coaster ride with highs and lows, twists and turns while suddenly going upside down. Sometimes the ride is smooth and slow. Other times it’s fast jerking you around into unexpected directions. But whichever the way the roller coaster goes, it fills you with fear, excitement, exhilaration, wonder, love and joy. Once you get off the roller coaster, you desperately want to get back on crying, “Again, again!”

Being a mother never comes with a training manual. It’s all on-the-job training learning as you go. In the beginning, you buckle your seat belt bracing yourself for the scariest and most amazing ride you’ll ever experience. Giving yourself fully by letting go and surrendering to this little one you love, teaches you to live in truth with the highest integrity and purpose. It’s challenging, tedious, stressful and demanding and just when you get the hang of one phase, it suddenly changes to the next.

First, you learn how to feed your newborn and change diapers while rocking your precious baby to a sweet sleep. Then, it’s time to deal with your toddler’s tantrums while chasing them in the grocery store. But when nighttime arrives, you’re given the reward of a kiss on the cheek and the warmth of snuggle time.

Now they are ready for kindergarten, leaving you standing with crocodile tears as you watch them enter the school doors. In a flash, the school years go by with parent-teacher conferences, creating friendships while dealing with conflict, baseball games and helping with homework. You learn the arduous task of striking a balance between independence and discipline to encourage self-confidence and positive development.

Dun Dun DUNNNNN! Here comes the teenage years. Good luck with that! No book, no words of advice and no amount of mental coaching can prepare you for this. It’s all about living minute by minute taking each moment as it comes. This time is bittersweet as you enjoy watching them become successful in their school activities and graduating high school. But then, you feel sad and lonely as your children leave you facing the world on their own as you learn to embrace the reality they can make their own choices.

Motherhood is a spiritual path with each of these stages teaching us to live in the moment and embracing life in blissful and painful times. All religions teach in order to grow deeper within, we must be of service to others with compassion, joy and patience. With parenting, this concept rings true to life on a daily basis.

Our children act as our spiritual teachers showing us how to be more loving, selfless, honest and caring in spite of how we feel emotionally or physically. No matter what is going on within us, we still need to tend to our children with an open and gentle heart. Like little mirrors, our children reflect our strengths and weakness in absolute truth. They are like beams of light shining into every area giving us the opportunity to better ourselves.

Motherhood is truly a blessing God has bestowed on all of us. The joys and pains of parenting breaks open your heart to learn how to love others and yourself deeply. Being a mother is an awe-inspiring adventure leading you to do different destinations every day. It’s a journey without an end, but evolves and changes non-stop over time.

To all the mothers out there, be grateful for this beautiful and transformational journey. Falling in love with another being who unconditionally loves you back, is something to cherish and honor in your heart forever. Nothing can take away the love you have for your child. Not ever. And that is truly God’s greatest gift.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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