Lost, But Never Gone

For the past few months, I’ve been feeling…lost. My sense of who I am vanished making me a stranger to myself. I thought I knew who I was moving forward in a specific direction towards my goals. But then out of nowhere, I was thrown way off path leaving me disorientated, unsettled and bewildered.

Have you ever felt lost and out of touch with yourself? Have you felt you were on the “right” path but then suddenly went astray moving into unknown territory? You knew for sure where you were going and where you were headed but unexpectedly, you veered way off course.

It’s unnerving and upsetting being lost in a chaotic and distressed world. Especially when you thought you knew where you were going. The notion to choose our destination and stay on track no matter what is drilled into us. Don’t get distracted. Don’t move your eyes from the prize. And heaven forbid, don’t look backwards. You are expected to keep driving down the road you started on at all costs. 

But is this realistic or sustainable? What if you decide to go elsewhere? Or what if you don’t like the road you’re traveling on and prefer a more scenic route? Or what if something jumps in front of you forcing you off the path?

When you fall off track and lose your way, society has a way of digging its claws into your soul by pulling your spirit down. You’re deemed unsuccessful or a failure. Or you didn’t try hard enough or not focused enough. Your negative self-talk plays tricks on your mind telling you are worthless and incapable of achieving anything.

But that’s false. You are not a failure because the destination is a myth. You never fully arrive. Instead, you are meant to evolve in a constant circular motion moving forward as you learn, change and grow. For the soul to advance, you must veer off course and walk the unchartered, dirty road back to your true self.

In the days of being lost, the desire to find your way back appears. You feel alone, scared and depressed. It’s painful. But this affliction is essential. The discomfort and anguish are messages telling you it’s time to change, course correct and find a way to live aligned with your core values. Your wounds gives you the incentive to heal the injuries in your heart and soul to create peace within.

To find you way back is to find out who you really are. You discover your truth when you’re wandering in the darkness deep in the thick of the woods unable to see the light beyond the trees. Pulling from the reservoirs of your inner strength to travel back towards the open road builds character, tenacity and perseverance. It helps you see what you are capable of by using your strengths and abilities to navigate your way back home.

Being lost is a scary especially when you’re far away or have no idea where you are. But there’s no need to fear. The journey back to the path, is the journey back to your soul. It’s a sacred mission. A holy mission bringing you towards the light while trusting God has never left your side no matter how lost you felt. He was and is always there. You will emerge from the darkness as the Universe guides you and gives you the courage to keep moving forward. 

If you are lost and need to find your way back, here are some things that’s helped me and hopefully, they will help you.

  • Meditate: Spend time in silence to hear the small, still voice in your soul guiding you on your journey. 
  • Journal: Writing is a great way to discover the message of your heart and release the raging thoughts in your mind to clear your head
  • Service: Be of service by helping someone in need. Serving is a powerful way to bring you back to your true self. Our purpose is rooted in helping others.
  • Hobbies: Explore a hobby and immerse yourself. Hobbies fuel your spirit and brings light into your being. It creates joy, peace and creativity.

While you may feel lost, you are never gone. Your soul is always here everywhere you go whether you feel lost or not. Sometimes we need to feel lost to feel our souls again with the desire to know who we really are. And knowing who you are is key to living a life of truth, integrity, joy and abundant peace. 

Photo by Andrew Neelon Unsplash


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