The Courage to Be You

Are you afraid you to be who you really are deep down inside? Do you hold back your truth for the sake of others or for saving face? Do you feel more comfortable or safe in the cocoon of your masked persona?

If the answer is yes, don’t feel bad. It takes courage to be you in raw, authentic form. It’s scary to be vulnerable and open the windows for others to see your inner truth.

By exposing ourselves we’re afraid people won’t like us, we’ll be made fun of, we’ll get rejected and treated as an outcast or feel like a stupid no good fool.

But, if you rise above the fear with faith and conviction in who you are, you’ll find peace. You’ll experience great joy in being the person God made you to be. Living in someone else’s version or false self-view creates constriction and anxiety. Living as your true self creates space and serenity.

We all fall prey to other people’s expectations of we are and who they want us to be instead living true to our own expectations and God’s plan for us. It’s a constant battle between our inner truth and what others think our truth is.

You are not who your spouse or partner thinks you are. You are not who your besties think you are. Or your boss, your colleagues, your parents or even your kids. The only ones who know who you really are is you and God.

You are the one who feels the dreams and passions tugging and pulling at your soul. But, it’s your responsibility to know and understand how capable you are to fulfill your dreams.

To unpack and discover your capabilities, you need to investigate what’s deep inside of you. Take the time to learn who you are. Every inch. Every light. Every shadow. With this truth, no one is qualified to tell you how or who to be.

When you get to the point of not needing anyone’s permission to be you, you discover freedom and wholeness.

If you don’t live your truth, it will be a disservice to the world. God gave you a set of unique gifts and talents to make a positive difference in the lives of others. You are not being selfish by being you. You’re being generous and giving by being you.

Don’t hold back. Your family needs the real you. Your friends need the real you. Your community needs the real you. Humanity needs the real you.

Your truth is beautiful and full of light and love waiting for you to wake up and see it. When you become aware of yourself, share it with those who appreciate you and need your light to heal and brighten up their lives.

Knowing yourself requires flexibility. We are in constant change and flux evolving in every moment. We are not the same person we were seven years ago, seven months ago, seven days ago or even seven minutes ago. The key is to know who we are lightly without clinging to any labels or strict notions of who we are.

Our bodies are a process made up of different types of tissues, elements, molecules and cells changing every second. The more we move in harmony with the ebbs and flow of life allowing impermanence to ease into our space, the more we can accept and adapt to how we change.

It takes bravery to be you in raw and authentic form. Stand strong in your faith with your feet planted on the ground of your truth. Be you in every moment in absolute conviction with no apologizes, no expectations and no excuses with unbridled crazy, confident and complete courage.

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