Be Bold. Be Beautiful.


“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today, decide to do two, simple things to change your life.

Be bold. Be beautiful.

Being bold and beautiful means choosing to be assertive standing in the real you. Raw, honest, authentic, strong, vivacious, loving, fearless, compassionate and empowered. Being bold dressed in the real you makes you beautiful like a shining star sparkling in the indigo sky.

Being bold and beautiful is not being what someone else wants you to be. Not following today’s trend guaranteed to die tomorrow. Not following the masses because everyone else is doing it. And not trying to impress the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

When you become bold and beautiful, your unlimited. Powerful. Magnetic. Your spirit soars like a rocket to the heavens above giving a message you are ready for more. God will listen sending you affirmations and opportunities to make you more the real you.

I will be honest. Some people won’t like the real you. It will frighten them shaking every fiber and bone in their bodies smack down into their core. Because seeing you be real makes them feel they should be real. And, you know what? They are afraid of facing the real person deep inside of them.

The ones who are ready for the bold and beautiful real you, are ready and waiting for you to arrive. This tribe, your tribe, will always have your back. I betcha they too are ready to be bold and beautiful just like you.

Today from here on out fill your life with fire-breathing passion, real and gut-wrenching love, unwavering and focused commitment and a solid connection to humanity. This transforms you into the ultimate beauty irresistible to yourself and the world in every way.

Be bold. Be Beautiful.


Featured photo by Tavin Dotson


Gratitude Prayer with Free e-Book


May you have safe travels where ever you go on your Thanksgiving journey.

May you feast on food that nurtures your soul while satisfying your taste buds filling your tummies full.

May you hear the boisterous laughter and see the smiles of your family and loved ones.

May you be free from stress feeling peace and serenity during this holiday season.

May you be free from pain and suffering bringing light, vitality and joy into your life.

May you rest in equanimity and be free from anger, resentment, greed and jealousy.

May you remember to be grateful for all that God has given you appreciating every single moment.

May you feel the connectedness with those around you knowing we are all one, big family.

May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and feel the love deep in your heart and soul.

I am so grateful to have you on this journey and look forward to more years to come. As a token of my gratitude, I am offering a free e-book to my subscribers, 31 Days to Soul-Fueled Living. In this e-book for 31 days, I will give you a tip a day to help you live a soul-fueled life.

But what the heck does it mean to live a soul-fueled life?

It means to live with love, joy, energy, peace and beauty. It’s anything that refreshes the body, awakens the mind and ignites the soul. Soul-fueling living is being true to yourself while embracing every inch of who you are.

Click here to download your e-book and get started today.

Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Featured photo by Ian Schneider


Be the Light in Post-Election Trauma


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Darkness pervades the promised land. The black clouds of anger, hate, fear, resentment and anxiety spreads across the sky snuffing out the sunlight. It fills our towns. Our streets. Our buildings. Our homes. Our bodies. Our hearts. We can’t see anything anymore. Only negativity. It’s debilitating. Heavy. It’s wearing down on our energy and our souls.

The invisible wall has been built. It can’t be seen with the physical eyes, but the division is made clear and strong. The feeling of us and them has never been more palatable pulsating through our veins feeding fear and angst into every cell of our bodies.

Seeing our nation torn apart with all the fighting breaks my heart. Doesn’t it break yours? Can you feel the pain and the hear the crying of those suffering?

No doubt this election was a harsh, bright flashlight inflicting the pain of truth into our eyes. It shined into every dark corner revealing the amount of suffering, hopelessness, anger and frustration we all felt and still feel as a nation. It’s been brewing and building over many years with people feeling left out, unheard or being shoved to the wayside.

Now where do we go from here? How do we move on within this culture of rapid judgement and self-inflicted violence? How do we heal after a twisted election filled with vindictive, verbal sparring between the candidates, social media, our society and our loved ones? What’s the answer?

Be the light. Shine the light. Share the light.

To be light means to listen with deep compassion and understanding. Not with a mindset of us and them or east side, west side. Or how could you or why didn’t you. But with why or what? Or who you are or tell me your story? This is an opportunity to start a sincere, open conversation with people on the other side to gain a deeper understanding of what pain and suffering lies beneath.

The planet is crying in desperation for more lightworkers not darkworkers. Choose to be a lightworker and help make this earth a better place. Hold out your hand and be ready to serve. Not only for yourself, but for humanity. Turn on your inner light and let your heart rule. It’s that simple. Your ego is what makes it difficult. Not your heart.

Together with you and me and us and them, we have the power to create positive change by being the light with an understanding we all want one thing.

To be happy.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your town or a third world country. Or your run-down, beat-up house or a majestic, 12-room mansion. We all are connected in one family. That’s the universal truth. Like most families, there will be people you don’t agree with. But whether you like or not, we are all one in need of healing and love. And the more we heal, the more we love, the more we can reunite.

All it takes is one spark to light a flame growing into a wildfire burning down all the pain, negativity, anger, hatred and pain. All that will be left are the ashes leaving the space to build and create something new. Together we can build this new creation with light, love, patience and understanding. Step-by-step. Brick-by-brick.

Go out into this dark world and be the light, shine the light and share the light. You need it. Your family needs it. Your neighbors need it. Your city needs it. Our country needs it.

The world needs it.

Are You in Pain and Hardly Breathing?


“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
― Oprah Winfrey

The pain. It hurts. Like nothing you have ever felt before. It’s crushing. Debilitating. It paralyzes you. You hope, you pray that one day this awful pain will go away.

Trust me. It will.

Breathing is hard. Short and shallow. Each breath you take feels like broken glass entering your lungs. You wish and hope for the day you could breathe like a normal human being once again.

Trust me. You will.

Right now, you feel buried. Buried deep down in the ground with the dirt of your life suffocating you. The grimy, filth of your troubles makes it hard for you to breathe. You want to wipe this shit off from your face, your life, your body.

Trust me. You will be clean once again.

It’s hard to be around people. The laughs, giggles, boisterous conversations and social interactions seems too out of touch for you to comprehend. You want to disappear and get the hell out confining yourself in the safety of your cocoon. But you hate living and feeling this way. You want so much to feel happy and connected like everyone else.

Trust me. One day you will.

This trauma, devastating life experience is hard. Real hard. You wonder if you ever will make it through. But, I know for a fact you will get through it and rise above it. You will become better, stronger, tougher, amazing, powerful, beautiful and wonderful. And even if you don’t believe me, pretend you do just for a little while.

Trust me. You will rise above the ashes.

You are a survivor. A warrior. A soldier. You are your own personal superhero with ability to tackle any villains on your path. You are stronger than you know pulling out your strength from deep within the reservoirs of your soul. No doubt, you will fly and soar high in the sky.

Trust me. Your cape is waiting for you.

The path before you used to be clear. But now there’s only darkness. You fear the unexpected twists and turns making you fall and breaking you down even more. But one day, the light of your inner wisdom will appear. It will be dim at first but will grow brighter as you continue to venture down your new road.

Trust me. One day you will see the light.

I know life is hard right now. Real hard. And, you can hardly breathe. But one day, you will get better, stronger, tougher, amazing, powerful, beautiful and wonderful.

Trust me. You will.