About me…well that’s an intriguing topic.

I could tell you I am a writer and an award-winning graphic designer.

Or I could tell you I am a mother of two boys living in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Maybe I can say I am a martial artist who loves to kick people in the head and surprise them with an arm bar.

Yes, all-true indeed. But really, it’s all surface shit.

To be honest, I am still figuring out who I really am. Aren’t we all? Do we really know ourselves as deeply as we should? Have any of us truly connected with our souls and life purpose? Or are we living according to everyone’s expectations and rules instead of our own?

I started this blog to help us discover our deepest selves and live a life with purpose and meaning. It’s a journey to learn more about spirituality, love, and wisdom to create a balanced life.

But an expert I am not. Far from it. My desire is to share my life’s experience to help you along your way. Hopefully, it will inspire you to live in truth while connecting to your soul. If it does, that’s awesome. If not, well that’s ok too.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I think God gives each of us a piece of the puzzle. If we share our insight (puzzle piece) with others, and see how they fit together, we can better understand what God wants to teach us.


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