Death: A Lesson in Life


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Last Saturday I attended a funeral visitation to grieve and honor the death of my friend’s mother. As my friend talked about her mom, the pain on her face gripped tight within my heart and body. Everyone in the room connected with her grief. It was palatable. And, justifiably so. Her mother was a delight filled with love, and we were blessed to have known her.

At the luncheon following the service, a few loved ones spoke in front of the group. They expressed how much they loved her, her impact on them and what they remembered most. Every story was beautiful, touching and unique in its own way. But what struck me the most, was these stories included the lessons learned from her death. And, the lesson was to live life fully filled with love.

Nobody knows when we or anyone else is going to die. We just know one day; death will arrive at our doorstep. We can’t stop it. We can’t avoid it. But, what we can do is accept this natural occurrence of life instead of fearing it.

Death teaches you what matters most and to truly live your life. It’s a reminder to live with love appreciating each moment. Life is fleeting with changes all around you. What’s here today, is gone tomorrow. Living in the moment experiencing the world with all your senses adds vibrancy, wonder and magic to your being.

Every day fill your life with love. Wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “My life is filled with love and gratitude.” Speaking this affirmation sets the tone for a loving attitude and a peaceful life. Tell your children, spouse or family member you love them. Spend quality time with them. Cherish it because you never know how much more time you will have with them. Be with them with all your heart, all your mind and all your spirit. The time spent is worth it because the bonds of love will stay in their hearts forever going beyond death.

Imagine your life as a giant cup. Fill it to the brim with love and light making it overflow to everyone around you. Be committed to spread as much love as you can in the world. People will feel this positive vibration creating a ripple effect making a difference in their lives.

You know never when this day or the next will be your last. So live each day as if it’s your last day. Be compassionate with yourself and your life instead cutting it to pieces. See how much abundance already exists in the here and now. Be fearless and live in truth with who you are making no exceptions.

Any death of a loved one, friend or parent is heartbreaking tearing your life apart. But, death teaches you to make a life worth living. And, that’s simply to love and live in the moment. People won’t remember what car you drove, how many promotions you had or your college degrees. But, what they will remember is how much you gave and how much you loved.


7 thoughts on “Death: A Lesson in Life

  1. This is a weighty line for sure: “Death teaches you what matters most and to truly live your life.”
    It’s so easy in our world of technology and press to do this and do that, we often forget the most important thing…loving those around us and sharing love with every person we meet. That is the “fruit that remains” that Jesus spoke of. Love never dies. What we do in love, lives on forever. Thanks for the post Jodi.


  2. Another great read, Jodi.
    I love how you affirm death as a part of life, but it is not the end. Even as at the funeral you were blessed by the words of love about the deceased, your words of love filled us in the reading.


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