Heartbeat… Can You Hear It? Can You Feel It?


“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition – they somehow already know what you truly want to become.”
– Steve Jobs

If you want to live a passion filled life – the fire burning in the pit of your stomach, courageous truthfulness, unlimited creativity, big and bigger vision, then feeding and feeling your heartbeat is essential.

What attracts you? What draws, yanks and pulls at your innermost desires? What fuels your burning need begging for attention? What makes your heart beat hard and fast taking your breath away?

Whatever is for you — listen and follow your heartbeat all the way. Maybe it’s fulfilling a childhood dream that always haunts the back of your mind. Or doing something to overcome your fear with a pure act of courage. Perhaps a call to serve humanity in a way that raises your spirit. Or feeling the push and pull of an energetic connection with another human being. Or maybe it’s the wild, out of this world creative idea dying to get out of your head into the real world.

The rhythm and beating of your heart signals to what drives you, motivates you, inspires you and captivates you. When it beats strong spreading warmth throughout your body, it means yes. When it beats slow or normal, it means no. Listen to the sound and feel your body’s wisdom. Then, follow and act on the messages of truth sent by your heart.

Listening and acting upon the thundering sounds within paves the way to live the life you are meant to live. They’re clues, signals and messages to take the next big step and venture into the uncharted. Trust the messages and believe if you follow, you will discover great treasures along the way.

No one said it was easy to listen and do what excites your spirit. But, if you are crying for more wanting to unleash the veil between the ordinary and the extraordinary, you must say go right now. Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. But… Right now.

What is it that thing gripping your heart making it move. Stop and listen. Even just for a second. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? The boom, boom, boom beating of your heart is speaking to you, beckoning you, guiding you to what brings you happiness, passion, wonder and fulfillment.

Listen. Feel. Follow. Go. Do… right now.

Featured photo by Sergio Rola


6 thoughts on “Heartbeat… Can You Hear It? Can You Feel It?

  1. Love this, but not so easy if you’re married because what makes your heart soar may not move your spouse. Best do these things while you’re single, or you turn around and you’re pushing 60 and still waiting to do something just for yourself.


    1. Thank you for your comments. Yes, it’s true that it’s much harder when you’re married. When I was with my ex-husband, I experienced the same difficulty because we didn’t share the same passions and desires.


  2. I agree with both of you, yet I still have followed the beat of my heart, like traveling to Israel twice as a 6 week volunteer in Jerusalem. Or creating an online blog for my teaching and writing. Or going to a church he wasn’t in favor with, but later learned to love. In time, my husband started to value my choices because he saw the life they brought to me. He and I still don’t share like passions on everything, but we’ve learned after 52 years of marriage to celebrate each other and let each make their own decisions. At 72 I am still listening to my heart. Just wish my body was capable of doing all that my heart wants. 🙂


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