The Mother Myth: You Can Do It All

The Mother Myth of the century…you can do it all. You can have it all. You can be it all.

Bogus! Not true! False promise and a dangerous myth.

As much as we would love to do it all, have it all and be it all as mothers, the reality is we can’t. And we shouldn’t. 

It’s tempting to strive for the jack of all trades mother who cooks a full course meal every night, cleans her house from top to bottom, has a high-powered career, joins every committee at school and church, stay lean and fit year round, never yells at her kids, takes her kids to every sport and activity they want to do, walks her dog every day, does her prayer and meditation time daily without fail and oh yeah, does that side hustle in her “free” time. 

It’s exhausting writing this and gives me anxiety thinking about it. We put way too much pressure on ourselves to do it all, have it all and be it all. 

But this is not possible if we want to be peaceful and happy while making room for what’s most important. If we’re busy running around in circles trying to be the best at everything we do while trying to do everything, we will burnout leaving us with nothing left inside to give. 

I am here to tell you right now it’s ok to let go of doing it all, having it all and being it all. It’s ok to say no to being on the school committee or bake goods for the church bake sale. It’s ok to say no to the promotion because it requires more hours at work taking precious time away from your young kids. It’s ok to leave your house a mess for a few days or miss the load of laundry because your plate was already full.

It’s ok if you feel stressed and lose your shit sometimes. We all lose it but are afraid to admit it because if we do, we’re scared people will think we’re “that crazy mom” and not the “always has her stuff together perfect mom.”

Culture, Instagram, entertainment, celebrities, public figures and some popular bloggers paint this unrealistic picture moms should strive for. And if we don’t, we’re a failure and not living up to society’s expectations of what a 21stcentury mom should be.

The quest to doing it all and everything under the sun and stars leads to depression, anxiety, disappointment, anger and shame. But if we scale down and minimalize our lives by doing a few things that matter most, we’ll have more joy, peace, contentment, grace and love

That’s not to say you’ll never be able to some of the things on your list or follow all of your goals and dreams. Just not all of them right now. There are seasons in your life when it’s the right time for certain ventures. And there are other seasons when it’s not the right time.

For the frazzled moms out there feeling weary, overwhelmed, frustrated, tired and stressed beyond belief trying to do it all, have it all and be it all…let go of the striving and trying and just be. 

Just be in the moment and breathe deeply creating space within your mind, body and soul. Feel what’s right for you and what’s best for your family. If it means chopping your schedule a bit, don’t hesitate. Just do it. If you really want to do it all, have it all and be it all, live in this moment right here right now. 

Because you already have everything you need… right now.


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