Stick with Your Life Purpose: Part 3

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“I’m not afraid… I was BORN for this!”
—Joan of Arc

“You’re crazy to think you’ll make it!”

“Only the best in the world can achieve it.”

“But, you already have a good-paying job.”

“That’s a stupid idea!”

“What if you fail? What will you do?”

When you commit to discovering and fulfilling your life purpose, these and similar statements you’ll hear. They’ll come from others, yourself and/or both. You’ll be tempted to give in instead of standing up for your purpose. But, you need to stick with it no matter what. There are no guarantees in life. But you will accomplish more by committing to your calling instead of traveling the easier path.

So how do you stick with it in the face of adversity? Let’s face it. It’s challenging to stay focused on your calling when stronger souls try pulling you away. It’s even more challenging when the resistance comes from yourself. Last week I gave suggestions on discovering your life purpose. This week, I’m giving suggestions on sticking with your purpose.

I know I mentioned this before, but meditation is key to sticking with your purpose. It calms and centers yourself letting go of stress, worries and frustration. A peaceful mind creates a strong mind allowing the light of positivity to settle in. You will become stable in your body as your spirit aligns with your truth.

Ok, here goes the eye rolling. Yes, I’m saying this again too. You must pray. Everyday. Connecting with God gives you the strength and energy to walk this path.

Admit it. You can’t do this alone. You need help. So ask for it!

God wants you to live according to your purpose because He created it to serve Him and the world. You need to plug into His power to keep yourself energized. A washing machine can’t run on it’s on. It needs to be plugged into a source for energy. And, you need to be plugged in too.

Set Goals
Create a long-term goal for achieving your life purpose. Next, break it down into smaller goals. This makes it manageable and easier to follow through. Plus, with each small goal achieved, you’ll develop confidence and momentum bringing you closer to your main goal. Make sure to set deadlines to keep things moving along. Otherwise the journey will become stagnant. Do something every day towards fulfilling your calling.

Accountability Partner
Create an accountability partner with a friend or colleague who’s on a similar journey. Set-up regular meetings to discuss what each of you have done and your future plans. It’s easier to stick with a plan when you know someone is counting on you. Plus, it’s helpful to talk to someone who can relate to the challenges, struggles and obstacles you’re facing. You can act as cheerleaders encouraging and motivating each other. If one of you feels stuck, you can bounce ideas off each other.

Picture yourself living your soul life purpose in full detail as already achieved. Create the feeling of what it’s like living in alignment with your highest truth. Always visualize the positive and in present tense such as,” I am joyfully living aligned with my highest self for the greater good.”

Your mind is powerful and will manifest what you think about. Choose to visualize what you want and desire most. Always end your visualization by asking God for things to happen for the highest good. This ensures everything will work out in divine timing allowing you to surrender to the outcome.

Be Inspired by Others
One of my favorite ways to stay on track is to read and learn about those who have walked this path before me. The first person I look to is Jesus. God made His only son for a specific purpose. Christ knew what He was meant to do and never wavered off path. Through ridicule, torture, temptation, betrayal and knowledge of the horrors ahead of him, he remained committed to God and his mission to save us. Christ is the ultimate source and guidance for staying on your true life path.

Another one who is dear in my heart is Mother Teresa. A calling to serve the poorest of the poor came to her in prayer so strong, she could not ignore it. Even though many of her peers and religious leaders were against her ideas, she stuck with it. She never gave up. Because her calling came from God, she knew serving the poor was something she had to do. Committed to her faith and belief in her calling, she created the Missionaries of Charity. This organization now consists of over 4,500 sisters being active in 133 countries.

Pick someone in your life who inspires you to stick to your purpose. Maybe it’s a mentor, teacher, friend or family member. Maybe an Olympic athlete from the Rio games. Or a spiritual leader you always turned to for guidance. Whoever it is, make sure they walk their talk living a life with truth, compassion, integrity and faith.

Every step on the journey of living your soul life purpose is important. Wherever you are, remember it’s not about the end goal. It’s about what you learn in the process. Be easy on yourself and enjoy every moment. Stick with your purpose when the road gets rough and rocky. It will smooth out and gets easier. If you keep walking the path, you’ll be led to beautiful pastures and bright sunshine experiencing the joys of living your purpose and the life of your dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Stick with Your Life Purpose: Part 3

  1. The “End Goal” is eternity … so guess that’s sorta important. However, it is the PROCESS, as you say, in how you progress along the way that is so important (and often forgotten.) I think so many of us make an “end goal” as something either so darn simple there’s no challenge, OR we make it so difficult that no human being could possible attain it. SO, with God’s help, let’s make our Personal Goals such that God will be needed to complete, but it’s also the process. I’d say we should break the general goal down into simpler do-able steps, and don’t forget to CELEBRATE each step you’ve gained along the way.


    1. Yes, celebrate! Good point. Rewarding yourself for goals achieved and others keeps the motivation going. And to praise God for all His help and for granting us our gifts. Thank you Sharon!


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