Discover Your Purpose: Part 2

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“A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump; a God-shaped life is a flourishing tree.”
— Proverbs 11:28

On the last post I talked about what is your soul life purpose and why it’s important. Now it’s time to discover, claim and honor your gifts bringing them out into the world.

But, what if you don’t know your purpose? What if you are afraid to look deeper?

Let’s take the time to look into yourself and discover the hidden gems of your purpose. Uncover it and let it shine!

The important thing to remember is to be open to what you discover. Use your heart space not your head space to feel your way through. Here are some suggestions to help you find your purpose.

The first thing to do in discovering your purpose is to pray. Your purpose is God’s purpose. You are the unique vehicle He created to carry this mission through. To learn more about your purpose, you need to talk to Him and listen with an open heart.

In a relaxed state, begin your prayer by thanking God for all He has given you. Then, ask Him what is your soul purpose. Be still and listen. He may or may not answer right away, but over time, He will. Sometimes it will come later when the time is right. In one way or another, He will answer.

Take the time to sit still and settle your mind. Create the space to hear your soft, inner voice. This voice tells you who you are deep inside. Unlike the ego voice which is judgmental, logical and harsh, the voice of your true self is quiet, gentle, kind and loving. It’s within this silence you will hear your soul purpose calling to you. I like to meditate after I pray. During meditation when the mind is quiet, I hear the whispers of God’s answers.

Catch Your First Thought
When asking what is your life purpose, catch the first thought entering your mind. This is the inspiration coming from God flowing into your true self. It’s the voice before the ego and logic steps in. Pay attention and notice the great wisdom within these initial thoughts. It’s the truth of what you need to know before you second guess yourself. Write down these inspirations. Notice how they make you feel. Did you feel joy, happiness or excitement? If yes, yah! You found a clue.

Childhood Memories
What was the one thing you always dreamed of being when you were a child? What was your greatest joy during your childhood? You can find clues about your purpose in your childhood memories. When you were young, your mind was free to believe and imagine anything you wanted to be. The ego was yet to be born allowing your true self to be on the forefront. Bring back and awaken your inner child. Open your eyes to what’s been calling you all these years.

Be of service to others doing an activity you enjoy. Experiment to see which activity resonates with you the most. Did it bring you joy and happiness when you helped others with this activity? Is this something you could dedicate your life to? Your life purpose can translate into charitable work as well as your career.

Make a List
Write down everything in your life that makes you happy. Things that bring you delight are clues. God wants you to enjoy fulfilling your purpose. It keeps you motivated to stick with it during the challenging times. Find the common theme between the items listed. Is there a noticeable energy throughout your list? If so, yah! Another clue!

Ask Yourself Questions

  • What brings me joy and happiness?
  • What do I love to do?
  • If money was no object, what I do?
  • What comes effortless for me?
  • What are my natural talents and abilities?
  • What positive things do people say about me?
  • What would I be willing to work hard for?
  • What are my passions and desires?
  • How do I like to serve others?
  • How do I want to change the world?
  • What are my strengths and weakness?
  • How do I enjoy communicating with others?
  • When do I feel the most confident about myself?

What is the common theme or story throughout your answers? How do your answers relate to the prior list above?

With your answers from praying to God and self-inquiry, create a one to three sentence statement about your soul life purpose. Putting your purpose into words solidifies your intent while owning and embracing your mission. It helps you to live it and put it into action.

Keep your heart open and your mind free allowing the flow of inspiration from God to enter within. Be aware and mindful of the infinite possibilities enfolding before you. You don’t need to know what you are going to do to fulfill your purpose yet. But it time, it will come. Stay true to yourself and your purpose allowing things to manifest in divine timing. It’s God’s purpose given to you to live a soul-fueled life and serve the world filled with love, passion and joy.

On the next blog post, I will talk about how to stick with your life purpose. It’s one thing to discover it, but a whole other thing to stick with it the face of adversity. Until then, enjoy the process of finding your purpose with God as your guide.


17 thoughts on “Discover Your Purpose: Part 2

  1. Many of the thoughts here coordinate well with our “Spiritual Gifts” class we held last year for our Stewardship Campaign. I believe it is VERY important to discover our Spiritual gifts from God, then to USE them, for the help of God’s people and His church!

    As always, Jodi, you nailed it!


  2. Another amazing, inspirational post! You have such a God-given gift for sharing your thoughts in the written word. I really hope you will consider what we have been discussing as you would be a dynamite leader in calling!


  3. This post resonates strongly with me and my journey. I once read that prayer is how we talk to God, meditation is how we listen. And, of course, you emphasize the importance of both here. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on sticking with your life purpose, as that is the stage I find myself in.


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