Because God Has Your Back


“The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.”
– Teresa of Avila

I worry.

It’s hard not to. Isn’t it? But like the Facebook posts I read every day, worrying robs me of my peace without solving anything. Everything happens for a reason so it’s best to embrace things as they are. Most of the time, things work out anyway. All of the worrying becomes a waste of time. Besides, God is in control making sure things happen according to His plan.

So why worry? Why spend your energy and your thoughts on something that may never come to fruition? Because there’s no need to. Instead of worrying, pray. Pray to God about your fears, stress and concerns. He will answer. So don’t worry.

Because God has your back.

I get scared.

It’s easy to. Especially when trying something new or faced with life’s challenges. Right? But like the scripture says in Matthew 10:31, “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” There’s nothing to fear because God loves you. He wants to carry you through whatever it is you are going through. He wants you to rise above it with faith and courage. When you face your fears, you become stronger building trust with God and yourself.

So the next time you are afraid, go out and do it anyway.

Because God has your back.

It’s hard to believe in myself.

It’s difficult to believe. It’s easier to believe in someone else other than yourself. Right? But, you must believe even if it’s just a sliver. It’s ok to start small building upon your belief over time. God believes in you. So if He believes in you, then you should to. He wants you to be successful and happy living the life of your dreams.

So if you are filled with self-doubt and disbelief, remember to believe. God will give you the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Believe so you can achieve.

Because God has your back.

I feel stressed.

I run ragged most of the time. Don’t we all? We here, there and everywhere. This place, that place and going to the next place. It’s easy to fall into the trap of needing to be busy to feel worthy. But God wants us to slow down. Take a moment to settle and breathe allowing space and openness into your spirit. If we slow down, things will get done. Life still goes on without the world crashing down if we take a step back.

So the next time you are stressed and stuck in the cycle of busyness, take a break and relax. God will make sure everything gets done on His timing. The things that matter most will be taken care of.

Because God has your back.

So in the days of worry, fear, disbelief and stress, remember everything falls into place as it’s meant. It’s hard to understand this when you are in the thick of things. But one day when it’s over and when you look back, you’ll get it. The magic of putting together the different pieces of life both good and bad, creates a beautiful mosaic within yourself. You will see all along on every part of your journey, including your darkest days, there was one thing constant.

God always had your back.


13 thoughts on “Because God Has Your Back

  1. I’ll never forget the night I realized that, no matter what happens, God was going to make sure the sun came up the next day. It sounds crazy, because of course I’m not in control of the earth’s rotation. But, I often feel that way. Verbalizing this really freed me to hand things over to God. Thank you for the reminder!


  2. As always, your words have a way of “ringing true” with me. Thanks for the reminder that worry is worthless, because worry changes nothing! We all need to remember every moment of every day that “God has our back” ~ yesterday, today, tomorrow, always! Sharon


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