Heal the Crying, Hurting Inner Child Within You


Time to heal, time to be and time to be free. But to heal, to be and to be free requires you to go deep. Go deep into your wounds experiencing the pain head on. When you travel through your hurts, sadness and despair, you give them a chance to speak to you. Your pain has much to say for you to learn, move on and grow from your experiences.

Your wounds and past hurts are like little children in desperate need of comforting and nurturing from their mother. They are crying for you to hold and kiss them to make it all better. They want to tell you everything so you can emphasize with them while showering them with all your compassion and love. This is your inner child within you begging for your attention.

But, we push away our inner child who’s suffering from pain. We don’t have time. We don’t want to deal with it. Why should we go back there? It’s over and done with anyway, right? We are resistant to face what hurt us in the past because we are afraid of being hurt once again. But if we don’t give our inner child the time and the chance to heal, we’ll keep hurting now in this moment living in pain whether we realize it or not.

If one of your “real life” children came to you crying looking for a kiss to make it all better, you wouldn’t think of pushing him or her away now would you? So why not give the same love and time to your own inner child crying for help. Hold and embrace him or her. Ask questions as to why they are hurting. What happened or didn’t happen to cause so much pain? Did someone hurt you? Did you hurt someone? What are you holding on to? What are you afraid of? What will make you happy again? What will soothe your pain?

Ask these questions and ask a few more. Go deep inside your inner child’s emotions and give yourself time to heal. When you give your inner child quality time and create the time for you to heal, you allow yourself time to be. Time to be in the moment with who you really are. Blemishes, scars and all. And when you have time to be, this creates time to be free. Free to be so you can fly and soar into the world and be all you are meant to be.


5 thoughts on “Heal the Crying, Hurting Inner Child Within You

    1. I have been working on healing my inner child for some time. It’s amazing how much stuff we shove away. But just like when we need to clean out our closets of old stuff, we need to clear our past from old hurts.


  1. It’s MUCH easier to say than to DO this! Many times we ignore whatever was inside: stuffing it down and shutting out the memories deep in the closets of our mind. As in the long-ago times we were told to clean our rooms, we still wail, “Do I gotta?”


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